Supporting Female Leadership

By being there for you, in a supportive and non-judgmental way. Sharing tools and wisdom to help you get there faster.


Your First Visit

You’re welcome to come and try out a Board Meeting for the first time to understand exactly how it works.

If you’re interested, please email admin@birdboard.co.uk or phone 0113 350 3230

We charge £26 for your first visit.

You’ll be asked to sign a Confidentially Agreement before you attend.


Bird Board Ltd is no longer trading.

Please note that Rushtons Insolvency Limited has received a formal instruction from the Director of Bird Board Limited with a view to assisting the Company being wound up.

The October Connections event and all board meetings are cancelled with immediate effect.

For further information please contact Ivan Mckenzie on 01274 598585 OR email imckenzie@rushtonsifs.co.uk.