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A collaborative Board with Harrogate Ladies College

The Bird Board, is launching Board number six in Harrogate, on Tuesday 13th September. This Board will be held at Harrogate Ladies College in their very own oak panelled board room.

Frances said, “I’m very excited about this particular Board as Harrogate Ladies College are 100% behind us. After our Board meeting, they have kindly invited us for lunch, which will be prepared by their award winning chefs. We’re also finalising the detail to deliver presentations to the girls, in their 300 seater auditorium about what it’s like being a woman running your own business. There are some fabulous collaborative opportunities here.”

Unlike many existing women’s networking groups, The Bird Board is not about just getting together for a chat or selling your business, but about a group of gifted and experienced women who together provide solutions to real life work issues. Whether you have a member of staff not pulling their weight or you are launching a new product to market and have come across a sticking point, the wealth of expertise in the groups give a fresh, professional view to workplace problems.

As Boards are limited to just 12 women members per Board, the demand is high and Bird Board is expected to really fly this year with more groups planned across the Yorkshire region for 2016.