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All Gemma’s past experiences help her with her current role.

Born in South Wales, Gemma Daniels grew up in Doncaster from the age of 10.  After school, she completed a BTEC in illustration at College just around the time that the first Apple Macs were launched.  At that time, she thought, ‘How can you possibly draw on a computer?’ And look where we are now.

Not wanting to make the move to London to follow a career in illustration, she decided to study for an honours degree in English Literature and Language, because she liked using her creativity in both words and images. After she had completed her degree she planned to become a TEFL teacher in Japan, but instead met her future husband and moved to Sheffield.

Whilst studying, she had a whole raft of different jobs including working for Ann Summers as a team leader.  She says this job taught her great marketing and people skills – a great education!  After graduating, she worked as a banking counsellor at HSBC bank. Over the 4 years that she worked for the bank her job role became increasingly sales driven, so she decided to retrain and took a Postgraduate Degree as an Early Years Professional. Although in theory this job looked great, the reality was very different and when Ryan, her husband, started Hydra Creative in 2009, he needed someone part-time to help with the accounts and marketing. He jokingly said, ‘Let’s try it for six months, and if you’re rubbish I’ll sack you!’ And the rest, as they say, is history.  Gemma is Client Services Director and said, “ I feel like all my past experiences have come together for the benefit of my role now.”

Hydra Creative specialise in creating bespoke websites and online systems, including CRM systems, as well as offering graphics, video and SEO services, all in-house. They love nothing more than stepping up to the challenge when they meet potential clients who have previously been told that what they want can’t be done.