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Ann Page – can 7000 lawyers be wrong?

Since 2003, Ann Page has been helping lawyers with their leadership and management challenges so that they can have a sustainable legal practice ‘wowing’ clients since; and has trained nearly 7000 lawyers in that time.

Her latest programme Business Brilliance Blueprint® was launched in March 2017. This comprehensive programme provides lawyers with practical tools to address their marketplace challenges. It covers networking strategy and conversion systems to grow and cultivate their client base as well as leadership and management techniques to develop their people. This programme covers the SRA Competencies A-D.

In 2015 she set up to provide an educational hub for lawyers in Yorkshire. Ann is a firm believer in making sure her training courses are lively and engaging – ensuring no participant or delegate will leave the room flat or uninspired.

A Top 100 Lawyer of the Year, with an impressive CV over a 25-year career as a senior in-house lawyer delivering first class legal services for PLC mainly in the banking sector. Ann has written two books with her co-author Richard Tapp: Managing External Legal Resources and The In-house Lawyers Toolkit. She is a member of the Professional Speakers Academy and Professional Speakers Association.

Ann has a wide knowledge of the issues facing the legal profession. She has been an active member of various Law Society Committees, and was Chair of the Law Society Commerce and Industry Group (2002-3).

Ann is a certified N.L.P. Master Practitioner and holds an H.N.L.P. certificate in coaching.