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Anna McManus likes making a positive difference

I’m an accidental business owner. I never thought about running my own company or being in business on my own. I’ve never really known what I wanted to do and was always slightly envious of friends who knew that they had a calling to be something specific.
But I’ve always worked hard at whatever job I’ve done and over the past 25 years that has ranged from being a cleaner to leading a multi-million pound income generation business in charge of hundreds of staff.
The stresses and strains of the business world took it’s toll and with the support of my fiancé I decided to completely step away from it. I had planned on having a few months off and just reassessing life, but within a week of leaving my job I’d been asked if I could “help” a consultancy firm with their tender bids and other areas of remote business support.
That was back in October 2012 and I have never looked back. My business has grown continually in that time and I am thankful for all the opportunities I have had to work with some truly amazing people.
It hasn’t always been easy but I am absolutely determined that my focus and passion in life is to support business women with elements of their business that they don’t have time for, don’t understand or simply don’t like! I have such a diverse business background that I can give advice and practical day to day support with many elements of running a business from pulling together a strategic business plan to chasing up outstanding invoices – variety is key!
Ultimately, that’s what I have realised about myself, I simply like helping people and knowing that I have made a positive difference to their lives.
When we moved from Cheshire back to Yorkshire in 2013 it was the best thing for us. It possibly didn’t feel like it at the time as there was a huge mix of emotions caught up in that, and it hasn’t always been easy for us, but I am a proud Yorkshire woman and being “home” has been good for me.
Richard is my rock, my friend, my love and he keeps me smiling and laughing. I know how important it is to have a partner who supports you in your business and your dreams and sadly many women don’t get that support.
So, I look forward to continuing to be that objective, impartial and cheerleading lady that supports business women with growing their businesses and being successful and happy in what they do. And being a Top Bird in Bird Board is another way of doing that!