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Being a great listener is Claire Buck’s secret to success

Claire Buck was living in London and running her own successful retail and distribution company when she met her husband Stephen. He was based in Leeds and owned a prosperous shoe business. They had an instant connection and despite the distance they knew they had something special. After two years of commuting between cities, she sold her business and moved to Leeds.

“With four children between us we had to settle into our new married life pretty fast and then we proceeded to have two more together! Managing a large family and our own business was a challenge but we make a great team. What soon became apparent to me was that the tools I needed to be successful in both life and business were one and the same.”

Qualities such as honesty, truth, integrity and compassion are ingrained into everything I do but being a great listener is probably my biggest secret to success.

We have successfully grown a chain of over 60 retail outlets with a strong e-commerce and wholesale operation, employing over 500 people, with a turnover in excess of £20 million.

In 2014 we sold some shares and I took a step back from the business. For the first few months I enjoyed my “freedom” but I’m used to being constantly challenged and my brain wasn’t ready to switch off.

After taking many phone calls from people wanting my advice, or just to bounce ideas off me, I realised I had a natural talent for coaching people. Whether it was personal or professional, I was constantly helping people make positive choices and important decisions that would improve their situation.

That’s when Claire Buck Lifestyle & Entrepreneurial Coaching sprang into life.

I decided that I had something to offer that could add real value to the lives and businesses of others.

I retrained. I learnt everything I could about coaching and mentoring and thought hard about the kind of people I could help. My recent training and personal development, combined with my vast experience, has enabled me to put together a coaching model that truly empowers people.

I believe that everyone has the ability to empower themselves in life, relationships and business, so I help my clients to embrace their inner strength and achieve their goals.

I have recently launched an 8 week Coaching Group both in person at The Tower Clinic in Cookridge and online for ‘The Journey Beyond Divorce & Separation’ empowering people through this life changing journey is something that remains close to my heart.

I want to give back. I want to share my experience with people like you. Together we can put a plan in place to help you take steps towards the life and business you dream of.