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Business Women from the Yorkshire Region Vote In for Brexit

At this morning’s Board meeting one of our members said that her challenge was about Brexit.

She said that she felt we hadn’t even come out of the other side of the worst recession ever and we were now having to battle with another lack in business confidence.

She was finding that there was a slow down in potential clients saying yes to their proposals and felt that because of Brexit, people were holding off making business decisions.


In summary our women said:

  1. The last time we had to make this decision, was such a long time ago, and the business landscape is completely different now
  2. They couldn’t see any benefit of coming of out of Europe
  3. Being British means that we like following rules, we like structure.
  4. The lack of a plan if we exit worries us.
  5. We need to live alongside one another in harmony.
  6. The immigration and European exit debate are 2 separate agendas.
  7. There are no clear facts because everyone who is vocal about it is pushing their own agenda.

In fact, when we laid on the table everything we knew as a fact, there wasn’t anything we knew for certain, to be true, so we had to completely change the format of the meeting for Brexit. Is this how it would be for Britain?

So hands up if you’re voting to stay in? That’s what we did.

How are you voting? In or out?