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Catherine Casey – Chartered Financial Planner – looking after your brass

When I left school I trained to be a primary school teacher  but as I completed my training I realised that I had nothing to offer the children as far a life experience is concerned. I fully intended to go to education but never did.

One day I walked into Reeds recruitment agency hoping to get a job in a hospital but I went to the wrong desk. The lady behind the desk told me that Barclays were looking for people to commit for a year with good communication skills and they would fully train them. The rest, so they say is history.

I started to do my financial  exams independently to fast track my career progression and went from Barclays’s to Standard Life to Halifax and each time I moved on a took a handful of exams and ultimately ended up more qualified than some of the advisers I was supporting in my administration roles.

I qualified as a Chartered Financial Planner is 2008 and have become a Fellow since too. This means that I can demonstrate a level of specialism in multiple areas of financial planning, including a number of years’ experience actually doing the job.

I always wanted to set up my own business but didn’t know how you got your own clients, then an opportunity came along where I worked for an accountancy firm which was my last paid job.

They introduced me to networking and I realized that this was how it worked.

Then I got pregnant with my first child and my husband said that “I’ll be the breadwinner if you want to be a full time mum I’ll support you.” I heard, “I’ve got two years to find some money to start my own business.”

The biggest challenge has been managing growth and the regulatory changes and evolving to where we are today.  I set up Rockwood in 2013.

I aspire to head a company that has a great reputation and really does right by their clients. Ultimately who knows I might even sell it to a great big company who can see that we’re doing great things.