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Clare has found new confidence by becoming a member of Bird Board

I joined Bird Board a year ago this month. Prior to making my BB discovery, I was a novice at self employment and being an entrepreneur and I recognized the value in reaching out to others outside of my immediate circles and in a format that would nurture and challenge me all at the same time, it sounded like a tall order!

I knew developing my confidence and being able to mix with fellow professionals with ease and build trusted relations was key in moving me forward, as well as my business.

A friend sent me a link to a Bird Board meeting and after a great chat with Frances the founder and heart behind BB, I booked to attend as a visitor.

I arrived, with seconds to spare before the meeting commenced, out of breath and flustered, after running out on a sea of chaos on the domestic front and offloading children enroute.

What I was welcomed into was a reassuring sea of ‘knowing’ calm, a room full of smiles and warmth.

Women who understand, have a natural ability to empathise and pragmatise.

Between them they were bursting at the seams with every skill set imaginable and one very powerful common denominator, the desire to help other women realise their power and true potential. Wow!

A year on I can very genuinely say I am a million per cent more confident, I’ve made friendships that will last a life time & my business acumen has been massively widened and developed.

I consistently come away from every meeting energised, inspired, cleansed and with clarity and enthusiasm for the day and challenges ahead.

Frances hasn’t just created a networking group, it’s so much more, it’s a power house of women who have a true belief in helping others to fly.

I’ll be eternally grateful for finding this constant source of everything any entrepreneurial woman could ever need and more.