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Clare Howarth – found a different way to fly high

Growing up in the humblest of surroundings, but filled with love by my family, gave me a grounding of nurture and support.  I couldn’t compete with the other kids for possessions and trips away whether at school or family holidays. A day to trip to Scarborough was about as exotic as it got.   I knew that I would always have the support of my Mum and Stepdad. But that would be emotional not financial.  It was more than good enough for me in my youth.

As I became an adolescent I knew that if I wanted a secure financial future, I would have to do it for myself. I wanted to achieve something so I went about doing just that and I threw myself into my studies.  I am a bit of a geek to be fair I love the challenge and thrive on examination.

I wanted to be a lawyer but that meant going to university and I saw that as unaffordable, so when I was offered an apprenticeship in accountancy I grabbed it.  No one knew (even me) that I would love it. It has become my passion.

I flew through the exams and was fully qualified by the age of 21.  I gained experience in small practices at first and enjoyed a 5 year spell once qualified working with one of the large independent city centre practices in Leeds.  It wasn’t where my heart was, so when the opportunity arose as partner designate at a small firm in my home town of Morley,  I knew that is where I wanted to be.

In 2005 the owner of the business announced that he wanted to retire to sell the business outright.  At the start of a recession the prospect of raising a sizeable amount of finance was overwhelming but in 2006 I managed it, with significant financial risk and long term responsibility.  My husband whole heartedly supported our decision to put everything on the line to achieve it.

Novis & Co has since doubled in size, employing 15 people.  We focus on growth and planning and looking forward for our clients.

I try to help people, I take away their worries of compliance, I advise and I’d like to think I make a difference.  I love my job but my family is my world.  I’d walk over hot coals for them.