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Clare Shepherd set out to find a drug free solution to the menopause

Clare is a fully qualified and registered nutritional therapist and she’s been dealing with her own menopause for over 30 years. She says, “Over this time I’ve had to learn how to cope naturally with its effects and now I help women like you do the same.”

I have a HUGE passion for sharing knowledge and am now on a mission to create a global health revolution for menopause and beyond. At the heart of this is providing women who are transitioning through the menopause years with natural solutions. This allows them to reclaim control of their body and mind.

My menopause arrived ridiculously early – when I was just 32. It took seven years and seven doctors for a diagnosis, by which point I was begging for a solution. Eventually, because I had the added complication of severe endometriosis, I had to have a full hysterectomy at just 39.

This long drawn-out ordeal certainly gave me great insights into how some doctors treat menopausal women.

You know the symptoms you’re up against… brain fog… hot flushes… anxiety … sleepless nights. As a solution, you’re encouraged to try HRT or anti-depressants and not much else.

Not knowing what else I could do at the time, I tried the HRT patches. Although they did help, I was also aware that they could increase the risk of blood clots, stroke or breast cancer. No-one seemed certain. So I had years and years of increased anxiety about what HRT could actually be doing to my long-term health.

I thought that every patch I slapped on could be the one that triggers a serious disease in my body. That risk was too great for me, given how long my menopause was going to be.

So I set out to find a drug-free solution.

To read the rest of Clare’s story click on this link