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Collaboration is in everything that Wendy Bailey does

Wendy Bailey became interested in being a solicitor at school. She shadowed solicitors during the school holidays and started working at Newman and Bond at the age of 17. She then went onto  study law at the University of Manchester.

She says, “I always enjoyed the family law side of being a solicitor. I like helping people to resolve the problems that they have and to achieve the best outcome for everyone.”

Mum was a teacher, and dad was a mining surveyor. I suppose my dad inspired me the most. My sister was a Para Olympian in table tennis and then went on to be a full-time primary teacher so tenacity and the will to succeed must run through the family veins

Wendy’s nickname is Mary Poppins because of the size of her handbag. If anyone needs anything they usually ask me and it’s rare that I can’t provide what they need. I even carry a spirt level around me with ‘just in case.’

I like developing the collaborative side of the practice as I feel this works best for all concerned and I’m interested in developing relationships with other lawyers  to promote collaborative law practice.

I’m also a founding member of The Lamproom Musical Theatre Company and I’m proud to say that after 25 years have  been made a life member. We have just finished the Little Shop of Horrors. I’m a mezzo soprano with a very big range and I started my singing lessons at the age of 30 which is when my teacher my singing teacher spotted my large vocal range.

Wendy heads Family Law at Best Solicitors in Sheffield and is a member of our Barnsley Board.

Wendy trained as one of the first family mediators in 1995 and is an accredited resolution specialist and is also an Advanced Member of the Law Society.