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Creative Marketing Campaign – Monday 3rd September

Trying harder is rarely the pathway to success, trying smarter is the better way.

You need to spend 50% of your time on moving your business forward

You must be willing to give up something to establish your unique position.

So what’s it going to be?

When I started my business I set it up because naively, I thought that because I had a ‘work hard ethic’, if I applied this to my own business it would be inevitable that it would be successful.

It’s that ‘you don’t know what you don’t’ know’ thing isn’t it?

I could help you write a strategy, but I know it will end up in a drawer, so I thought about what you needed the most…

A creative marketing campaign that actually gets you new clients

What does the day look like?

In the morning I’ll be sharing examples of what a great campaign looks like. Sharing some stories and the theory to get your creative juices flowing.

You’ll work in teams to help each other see things from your perspective. You’ll maybe even have your target audience sitting right there in the room!

We’ll cover pricing too. 80% of businesses are selling themselves too cheap. Gain confidence in knowing that you’re charging the right price for you market.

Then in the afternoon we’ll get our sleeves rolled up and start to create. I’ll help you generate a beautifully crafted marketing campaign that’s specifically for your business that you can take away and start working on straight away with all the insider knowledge that you need to really give you the results that you need.

I’ll give you templates and formulas to help to keep it simple.

No jargon. All your questions answered and a step by step, easy to follow system for you and your business.

Who is it for?

It’s for you if you’re unsure of your target market or if you’ve been trying to sell to everyone and not sure who to focus on.

It’s for you if you’re just not getting your marketing right and you know that you need to work smarter.

It’s for you if you’re just starting out and you know you need help getting the message right

And it’s for you if you’ve tried some marketing in the past, and feel like you’ve wasted money in the past and want to get it right before you waste anymore money.

You’ll come away with a comprehensive step by step creative marketing campaign that you can do yourself, or give to someone else to do. But you’ll understand every step of the process and understand the theory so that you can adapt it and use it forever. When ever you need to rollout another brand new campaign.

“The person in charge of marketing is the money maker” – Dan Kennedy

Here’s what Aimee Lightfoot from We are Coaching says.

Frances explained it well, in bite sized chunks with a clear understanding of the process that you go through. It was just brilliant because I had really easy steps to follow and I knew exactly who I was contacting. It was niche and very creative. Thanks Frances”

Who – it will be delivered by Frances Day – Cheif Bird of Bird Board aka The Marketing Doctor

When – Monday 3rd September

Where – Weetwood Hall, Leeds

Everything you need is included, lunch too!

To book your place click on this link