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Fighting injustice is part of Delia’s DNA.

During my secondary school years I had some tough character-forming experiences. Bullying was rife in my secondary school. This forced me to make a stand, remain focused and driven whilst being able to defend myself. I had to dig deep and remain strong throughout the whole 5 years. It quickly became apparent that a career in the legal profession, fighting injustice would be much more in keeping with my emerging persona.

My parents, naturally, were a huge influence in my life and both had a strong self-employed business ethos. My mother was a hairdresser. My father worked for Thorn EMI as a Senior Manager for many years then in his 50’s purchased his own business, taking on a huge financial commitment at a time in life where many would fear that kind of financial responsibility. The mantra of “you get what you earn” and “there are no free lunches” are dad’s favourite sayings.

I chose to be a Lawyer to help others and to fight injustice. I derive a lot of fulfilment from making a difference and helping people to access all of the services that are required throughout this process. When an individual is in crisis the legal issues are only one piece of the jigsaw. I use the help of other professionals to provide a holistic outcome.

I don’t really think of myself as “brave” but I do know that I am not afraid to stand out against the crowd, having already done that from the age of 11 onwards and having to fight my own injustices. I am more than prepared to fight injustices for my Client’s, even if that goes against the grain. In that regard I am fearless.

Quite simply I like to win. That doesn’t have to be in a litigated battle, although if that is required then I am more than happy to do that. Sometimes winning comes in all different shapes and sizes and helping a Client achieve their own personal victories, however small, is very fulfilling. It can often be challenging working to someone else’s instructions and following someone else’s direction but ultimately the Client is the master and we are the servant.

Having worked in the legal profession for 25 years and almost exclusively in the Pontefract area, I have a huge affection for the town and its people.

Getting the right results for the Client is ultimately what drives me, whether through collaboration or litigation. It is the outcome that is crucial.