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Jenny went from Travel Rep to Independent Financial Planner

Jenny Whitehouse is a member of our Sheffield Board and works as an Independent Financial Planner and Wealth Manager for Tilney

For 8 years after university, I worked as a travel rep all over the Mediterranean and the Caribbean and when I returned to the UK, I started work as a travel agent.

A friend once told me that I would enjoy financial advice work, as I had studied economics, but also had a flexible way to deal with people that had developed whilst being overseas, that clients would enjoy.

Having just gone through a redundancy, I sat the exams and applied for work. After having my son I joined a company that gave me the tools to start my own business. It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, as I went door-knocking locally to start the business. I did this every day for 6 weeks. It was tough and often came home in tears. I followed up with calls and appointments to meet clients and developed the relationship and their financial plans.

That was 9 years ago and I’m proud of how those relationships have developed; one lady I work with started out with a £10,000 investment and has added more over the years and I now manage £750,000 for her. For another client, when she found out I was pregnant with my daughter, became a keen babysitter. Most importantly, as a trusted adviser, it is particularly satisfying when clients make life decisions based on my planning work.

We are also on the approved board of advisors for lottery winners and I specialise in helping clients to plan their retirement, estate planning, long term care planning, as well as school fees planning and investment work. Today I work with approximately 300 clients across Yorkshire, Derbyshire and Lincolnshire.

I could not do any of this without the loving support of my husband who, along with the kids are my true inspiration.