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Katy likes to work with people who care about people

Katy Pollard is a member of our North Leeds Wednesday Board and heads Listening Pig PR Company 

She says, “I’m a former journalist turned PR pro who specialises in health and wellbeing and innovative, heart-centred small businesses.  I started my career as a reporter on local newspapers and quickly realised that although I love journalism, I get the greatest personal fulfilment from helping other people so I moved into the world of PR.”

Having spent nearly 15 years working in health and wellbeing and third sector organisations promoting their extraordinary services, and having bagged a CIPR Diploma and MA Journalism, I felt I had the experience I needed to fly solo.  So, my company, Listening Pig was born – to provide quality, no-nonsense PR to people who care about people.

I still get a kick out of getting clients on BBC Look North, ITV Calendar and Yorkshire Post and getting high profile articles published in nationals such as The Guardian, Huff Post, Telegraph, Independent, Cosmopolitan and Stylist magazines.

Writing is my number one passion and I thank my lucky stars that I get to do what I love most every single day and that people are willing to pay me for it!

When not writing, you will find me hiking with Ivy the Beagle, Susan the Spaniel and Steve the partner or I’ll be in my garden conjuring up plant-based recipes, or on the sofa crocheting and searching for the perfect Rioja.