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Keeley Edge – Providing a Different Recruitment Service

I started Key Appointments in 2009 after being made redundant. I’ve always worked in recruitment, in fact I started working for a recruitment company whist I was at University.

In 2008 I joined BNI whilst I was working for another recruitment company and realised that I was surrounded by lots of business people and wondered why I wasn’t doing it for myself. I got a lot of support from the members of BNI.

My plans to start my own business were delayed a little when James my fiancé (who is now my husband) and I were working for the same company and we were both made redundant. I had to get another job to bring the money in, but after working for them for about three months, I decided I was going to start my own business, and didn’t really think about the consequences.

James was really encouraging through it all and I also have my parents to thank who helped me through those early days, they were really supportive whilst I was getting on my feet. They’ve always encouraged me to achieve and want more in life.

Right from the beginning I wanted to find a different way of providing recruitment services. I wanted my clients’ to have choice by offering varying services that would suit their needs. I got creative and over the years have developed services suitable to even the smallest of businesses. I’m proud of what I’ve developed so far and it makes me even more so when we get great feedback on the services.

What makes me brave?

James, my husband makes me brave. He always believes in me and encourages me when things sometimes don’t go to plan. He gives me that extra push when I need it. It’s sometimes that fear of losing it all and not being successful that keeps me going and gives me the determination to succeed. I can’t imagine not running my own business and I love the constant learning and development that goes with it, even if it is a rollercoaster at times!