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Launching a New Product to Market

One member was finding it tricky to come up with ideas on how to market her product with optimum focus and results. Having members who were her target market, plus a marketing expert in the room meant that the member who was presenting her challenge was able to take this feedback and implement it, knowing that the ‘focus group’ was absolutely on the button.

The value of a group of women business owners is that they all have very different backgrounds and skills. When they meet, the support and ideas begin to flow and the energy in the room can be electric.


Napoleon Hill talks about this type of meeting of minds in his book, ’Think and Grow Rich.’
He suggests setting up a Master Mind group. This type of support network is invaluable at helping each other with advice and expertise and gives the members fully rounded, professional and confidential support.
How often do you get a room full of women business owners who are willing to help and share their wisdom, combined with the luxury of time and their undivided attention to focus purely on business and personal development?