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Lindsay Cameron – Fabulous and (just slightly over) 50

I’m over 50. I was a career Civil servant and left with a fat cheque. I had no plan. I imagined I would be happy just “not working”. I had some time to myself.  We all need that to settle into a new space and transition into a new life pattern

It bored me witless.

I was offered a volunteer opportunity with The Prince’s Initiative for Mature Enterprise (over 50s). I found mentors for start-ups. Ran initiatives like dragon’s den experiences. Prince Charles liked what I was doing and gave me an award at St James’ Palace.

This is where I found my passion.

PRIME stopped delivering. With two friends, I found a philanthropist and set up a fully funded social enterprise. We helped people find their “what” after leaving work – set up businesses; find work, find volunteer opportunities – wherever their passion took them. Pretty bold move for three ex-civil servants who knew so little about small businesses. When the funder wanted to focus only on enterprise it was time again to move on.

The Next Steps was born. I provide a very personal service to people who chose or were managed out of work with no focus for their future. No sense of purpose to excite them and keep them young. In the 21st century we over 50s have 30+ years of life to fill.

Hundreds of over 50s told me they need help.

I was lucky. Opportunities came at the right time. Without them I might be stuck. No idea where to start. That’s why in The Next Steps I do what I do. There, but for the grace of good connections, I might be – fed up and depressed. I don’t want other fantastic skilled people leaving their lives after work to chance.

Lindsay is Top Bird of our South Leeds Wednesday board.