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Lindsay Dixon is looking for trouble

Lindsay is a dispute lawyer, she’s a ball of dynamite, that gets her sleeves rolled up and helps businesses sort out their disputes.

Lindsay initially thought that she wanted to be a journalist or PA because she’s good at organising things, but at about the age of 14, she switched her focus and decided that she wanted to be a lawyer. She did work experience in a law firm at 15, continued to work there during holiday periods whilst she studied for her degree and finally qualified in 2008. She worked at Blacks Solicitors for 17 years, rising through the ranks to Associate Solicitor.

Although she was doing well at Blacks, she realised that working in a very competitive male environment wouldn’t automatically mean that she would get to be head of department in 10 years’ time. She knew she wanted more from her career and needed a new challenge, but didn’t want to move just for the sake of moving, so spent some time trying to make the right decision.

I don’t know if you believe in this, but Lindsay and Frances certainly do, and when she met her now current colleague, that was definitely meant to be. He approached her and asked her to come and work with them as a self-employed Consultant. She said, “I was taken aback when they saw something in me, that I hadn’t seen in myself, and after the initial doubt about whether I could start from scratch, I decided to give it a go. I haven’t looked back since.”

It’s important to Lindsay that her professional life gives her fulfilment and the feeling that she’s achieved something worthwhile. With the business model of Legal Studio, she’s given the autonomy to go out on her own, but with the backing of a great brand and legal experts.