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Lisa runs her own business to give her daughter more options.

Lisa Betsworth worked for a number of national recruitment companies and most of them are about hitting financial targets. Working for them wasn’t allowing me to be truly proud of what I did for me job.

Recruitment companies use different types of selection software that will churn out 20 potential candidates using keywords that they have added to their CV. We do use this process but it’s as a starting point. We then take those CV’s and manually go through them and find the right match for every vacancy that we fill.

She said, “2 and a half years ago I was made redundant 48 hours before I was due to get married. After the initial shock and once I’d had time to assess the situation, I knew that I wanted a family and that I wanted 12 months maternity leave. I spoke to my husband, and we used the wedding gift money to set up the business which will have been running for 3 years in November.”

My daughter is the reason for me doing what I do. When she grows up I want her to be able to choose what she does and have options in her life.

Becoming a business owner rather than a recruiter means that the buck stops here and I am in charge of my destiny. If a client asks for a bespoke service, I have the autonomy to make that decision.

Lisa Betsworth heads Tiro Talent Recruitment and is a member of our Sheffield Board.