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Rachel Waddington is Passionate about Psychological Health

Rachel Waddington is a versatile Coach-Therapist – a coaching practice which is evolving to meet the full spectrum of human need

What drives you?

Growing up I was highly sensitive to people’s moods and any ‘atmosphere in the room’. I learned from an early age that life isn’t fair, that some people get a raw deal through pure chance and circumstance, and that people experience the world in very different ways. Having a brother with severe learning disabilities and several family members with mental ill-health my world view was hugely impacted by how judgmental and unsympathetic people often were. I also remember that in contrast when people were kind and welcoming it created a spiral of positivity and flourishing.

Now fast-forward through a modern languages degree, a spell in Europe, and a third-sector career in supporting and championing people with learning disabilities: its 2008, I am celebrating the birth of my first child by going back to university to satisfy my deep curiosity about human nature. I emerge five years later with a Distinction and two more babies. Next, I am throwing my hat into the ring to become a qualified counsellor. And because I am in love with all things psychological, I go on to complete a Postgraduate Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring.

What makes me brave?

I consider myself brave to strive every day to be authentically me. This may come easy to some people, but I think they are few and far between. For most of us, other people’s expectations and judgments weigh heavy and it takes strength to stay true to who we are and what we want to do.

Why do you run your own business?

Because so many people are living lives of anguish unnecessarily. Because so many people are missing out on living more fulfilling and authentic lives because they can’t quite get a handle on what’s really important to them. Because blocks to professional fulfilment are very often rooted deeply in how we subconsciously experience the world. Because technological developments and time paucity are stripping away opportunities for real social interaction. Because quality human-to-human contact is fundamental for good psychological health.

Rachel is a member of our Barnsley Board