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Spread a little self love – take care of you.

I’ve been feeling quite poorly recently. Three panic attacks in three weeks that’s not great is it? I think you’ll agree that my body is trying to tell me something.  It’s saying, “Slow down you move too fast.”….  I’m sure there’s a song there somewhere?

As a business leader, you’re at the heart of your business and generally business women are taking care of children, and possibly taking care of elderly parents too. You find yourself at the centre of lots of different demands that are pulling you in different directions, and if you become ill who takes care of it all then?

So you have to make sure that you are taking care of yourself.

My children are grown up now and when I have spare time at the weekends guess what I’m doing? Yep, working on my business. I get it. I completely get it. I’m guilty as charged, but ultimately my business is my baby, its the thing that pulls at my heartstrings.  Its like my faithful old friend that doesn’t answer back, and the more I put into it, the more it rewards me.

Business coaches will tell you to delegate, and that’s all fine and good but we all know that what happens in theory is completely different to putting that into practice because of financial constraints or because you can’t find the ideal situation which just keeps adding to the stress and workload.

This challenge comes up time and time again in Bird Board. Working smarter; having to say no, delegating, finding the solution to the reason that you set the business up in the first place which is freedom. Freedom to be able to make your own decisions with both your time and your money.

What’s the solution?

I don’t think there is a one case fits all. But I do know from what I’ve seen that we need to start saying no to things. Stop signing up and volunteering and doing only the essential things that move your business forward, unless of course it makes you feel good. Start being a bit selfish perhaps? Because ultimately if it all goes pear shaped and you’re not around to spin those plates…….

This Valentine’s Day why not treat yourself to some self-love? A couple of hours, thinking about how you can move your business forward SMARTLY, and manage all those tasks, so that it gives you a few precious hours every week to just relax and do something that you really enjoy doing that’s just for you.

Because you’re worth it.