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Stephanie Roper – making dreams come true

When I was 18 I told my friends I wanted 2 things – a career in fashion and to be a TV presenter. After university I received a place on the M&S graduate scheme where I trained as a Visual Merchandising Manager. My career in fashion had begun.  This job led me to H&M as a store VM manager in Liverpool and London and to New Look as a Regional VM Manager.  Occasionally people would say to me “you should be on TV” and “why aren’t you on TV?” and I’d shrug and smile: I didn’t know how to make that dream come true.

I set up The Wardrobe Angel after 8 years working in the fashion industry. I knew I could help women make sense of shops and style. My soul lit up as I booked in my first client. That was 6 years ago and it is my passion to re-connect women with their innate sense of style by digging deep in their wardrobes, clearing out what no longer represents them and introducing brands and outfits which show who they are, what they do and where they are going. I call it my ‘joy’ not my ‘job’.

And now my other dreams are coming true. I have filmed my first TV show, got a radio show and I write a monthly magazine column in Sew Now magazine. Having your dreams realised is a big deal and certainly makes you brave because as one dream comes true, there’s room for another one to take shape.

Stephanie Roper is one of the founder members of Bird Board and is  a member of our South Leeds Friday Board.

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