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Stephanie Roper – Wardrobe Angel

Stephanie Roper is the stylist behind the award winning Wardrobe Angel wardrobe consultancy business. She is a radio presenter and has just filmed her first TV show.

Why you run your business.

The Wardrobe Angel is my chance to make fashion accessible and FUN. I want clients to see how awesome they are, how awesome their clothes are and give them the tools to style their individuality long after I’ve left them. My business ethos is also under-pinned by my commitment to be non-judgmental – I’m the objective eye to your wardrobe, never criticizing, always encouraging. Fashion can be so intimidating so my goal with each client, each talk, each interview is to help people see the beauty in their uniqueness, to help them take what they need from fashion and leave everything that doesn’t work for them behind.

I’m also passionate about sustainability, extending the life cycle of clothes and keeping them out of landfill. Style more ways, get more wear is my motto and the key to my own wardrobe.

What drives you.

Ever since I was a teenager my goal has been to be a successful TV and radio presenter. Since becoming self-employed this has been firmly in my sights and I am unapologetically driven to achieve my goal.

What makes you Brave.

Being self-employed! It really is like riding a rollercoaster some months! I liken self-employment to jumping off a cliff and not knowing what’s going to happen – will something catch you? Will you fall? Self-employment is about being brave everyday – pushing yourself whilst helping others along the way.

My marriage also helps me to be brave – it’s the solid rock on my way to the BBC! I have the most amazing husband who is my biggest cheerleader and I am beyond grateful for having him by my side on my career journey.