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Tina Brown – Always finding the right partnerships for her clients

Tina Brown heads Alternative Partnership which she set up in 2010.

She started her career at Comet straight from school and worked there for 21 years. She worked her way up the ranks and during that period she worked in the Training Department specialising in IT to start with. She trained staff and management nationally, designing and delivering training programmes, as well as Project Management working on key Business initiatives.  She also worked with high level management development and their progression together with large scale projects.

All that travelling, delivering training to lots of stores around the county was starting to have an impact on her personal relationship. So she decided to go into an operation role in the service division where she was asked to turn around sites that weren’t performing effectively. You have to be tough for this role, as it saps your energy, you’re knocked from pillar to post mentally. After some time she took a well-earned sabbatical and lived in Cyprus for 7 months. She tapped into her creative side by writing poetry and stories and also got a job as a singer. Although these roles seem poles apart, she was still getting up in front of an audience and performing.

She returned in 2004 and took redundancy from Comet. Whilst deciding what her next career move would be, she did some interim training work, which ultimately developed into working with businesses that needed training both accredited and bespoke.

Alternative Partnership is about identifying and delivering the right course for the client, whether that is fully accredited or purely bespoke training and development for her clients, it is always tailored to their needs.

What makes her brave?

Tina said, “I have a strong warrior woman within me, and I don’t do, ‘It can’t be done.’ It’s about having relationships with the right connections to make it happen and finding a way.”

So Alternative Partnership is about finding the right product and provider for the right client. Blending skills with client demands.