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Why are we called Bird Board?

When deciding on a name for our company there were lots of variations on a theme for women’s collective groups and organisations. Such as Ladies Networking, Womens Networking etc. The Ladies and Women word is to be used in a lot of instances, because of course that’s what we are. I felt it was important to stand out from the crowd with a name that said what we did and who we were, be memorable, short and snappy.

And don’t forget that our strap line is… ‘As Brave As You Are’ so we needed to practice what we preach.

When you start a business, one of the first processes that you must do is your due diligence to check that there aren’t any other businesses out there with a similar or the same name by searching on Companies House, Nominet for web addresses and Google Search. And this is what we did. It’s a challange to find names that haven’t already been taken and that you can get a address for.

The name Bird Board says exactly what we do. Women business owners at board level or managing a team. And we meet once a month at a board table to help each other with our business challenges in a supportive and confidential environment.

Frances has a strong marketing background, and it felt right because we were also able to use different phrases in the marketing material such as

‘spreading your wings’

‘learning how to fly’

‘get to the top of your tree’ …. those sorts of things.

Investigating the originality of the word ‘bird’ it seems to resonate as the derogatory term for women who were active in the 60’s and 70’s and have memories of being called a bird in ways like …

‘that’s my bird’ or ‘look at that bird’ but it is not used in those ways any longer.

Frances said, “I haven’t had one younger women comment  on the name at all apart from to say that they love it. I have only had three comments about not liking the name and hundreds saying that they love it. I have always used the term Bird in a friendly collegiate sort of way. Like ‘Top Bird’ in fact my official job title is Chief Bird because I love it so much.”


So part of our role at Bird Board is to make the word ‘bird’ a more commonly used word that women are happy to embrace in 2017.

Bird Board Ltd is here to stay. It’s memorable, unique, it’s trademarked, it’s a Limited Company, it’s a website,  it’s a logo,  it’s well and truly established.